Schiek Model 530 Lifting Gloves

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Introducing the most innovative lifting gloves in the world. You won’t find the patented easy-off fins anywhere but Schiek. All Schiek gloves are machine washable and won’t bleed color onto your hands. No matter what type of lifter you are, Schiek has the perfect lifting glove for you. Comfortable padding, durable double stitching and rubberized gripping material combine for the ultimate grip wet or dry. Forget what you know about conventional lifting gloves. These are unlike any other. Radical new fins make taking off your gloves a snap! Getting conventional 3/4-finger gloves off can be a real pain. Schiek’s easy-off fins take care of that. You simply grab the fin extensions on top of the fingers and pull. It’s that easy. The Platinum Series is our top-of-the-line lifting glove. The Platinum gloves offer comfortable 1/8″ padding and an abrasion-resistant, rubberized grip material which provides an optimum grip wet or dry.

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Measurements 6-7″ 7-8″ 8-9″ 9-10″ 10-11″ 11-12″


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