Inspire Fitness CR2.1 Cross Rower



Inspire Fitness CR2.1x Cross Rower

If torching calories in a short amount of time sounds good to you, then the Cross Row is the machine for you. It’s bi-directional resistance is uniquely designed to activate all the muscles of the body and kick start your metabolic furnace.

No other piece of exercise equipment comes close to matching the full body, low impact, aerobic benefits of the Cross Row. if you are looking to spend less time working out while simultaneously burning more calories, look no further. With the Cross Row, you’ll be finishing your fat burning, full body workout while everyone else is still warming up.

Inspire Fitness CR2.1x Cross Rower Features

  • Magnetic resistance provides a smooth, consistent resistance with no wearing parts
  • Bi-directional resistance activates all the muscles of the body
  • Polyurethane dipped handles provide superior slip resistance
  • Polar coded heart rate strap receiver (requires Polar T34 extended range chest strap)
  • Quick release bindings for safety, Shimano grip shifter
  • 26 lb. flywheel guarantees a smooth motion

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